Our Project Management Department is headed by Dr Mohd Syazwan, with 20 years' experience in Construction. One of the most important facets in project is the management aspects. Our  Project Director past experience in running projects from both the contractor and consultant side has made IEWM very capable and adept in providing services to the clients.

IEWM can provide the overall coordination of a trenchless project that might involve the inclusion of different techniques from outside of the client's geographical area. This service will allow the client to have an experinced firm dealing with all the co-ordination and planning that will permit the projects to be delivered.

Having established itself as a forward thinking company and identifying itself as strictly a "Trenchless Consultant". IEWM has developed specifications for projects dealing with water mains and sewer rehabilitation of pipes. When dealing with plans depending on the technique employed. IEWM will work from existing plans that the owner will possess. The most challenging Trenchless job being undertaken is for Pipe Bursting project, which is currently ongoing as one of the biggest Pipe Bursting project for IWK.